chapter 1 key quotes


GG - Chapter 1 Key Quotes

  • "Reserving judgements is a matter of infinate hope" - gatsby is a beacon of hope
  • "Gatsby turned out allright at the end" - foreshadows Gatsby's death
  • "What foul dust floated in the wake of his dreams" - Theme of decay
  • "strangest communities in north america" - different ro where old money is
  • "They are not perfect ovals" -  issues with both East and West Egg perhaps spread from the Valley of the Ashes
  • "I had no sight into Daisy's heart" - questionable as to whether anoyone did, even herself
  • "It was a body capable of enourmous leverage - a cruel body" - resembles what he does with Myrtle, 'leverage' forrshadows getting daisy out of trouble
  • "They were both in white" - symbol of purity
  • "Gatsby? demanded Daisy. What Gatsby?" - remembers who he was, repitition adds urgency
  • "it's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things" - reflects society at that time
  • "Tom's got some woman in New York" - Tom has very little loyalty towards daisy
  • "And I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." - knows that he child will be in the same position as her
  • "A single green light, minute and far away" - appears to always be unreachable
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GG - Chapter 2 Key Quotes

  • "I want you to meet my girl" - treats her like an object an dshe is his property
  • "I want to see you" - Tom starts to appear desperate
  • "Lavender coloured with grey upholstery" - half forgotten, one half of Tom's love interest yet Daisy is overruling her constantly
  • "Here's your money.Go." - Partly why Myrtle is interested in Tom
  • "Her laughter, her gestures, her assertions" - Tom is only with her for some fun
  • "I thought he knew something about breeding, but he wasn't fit to lick my shoe" - she see's herself as something better than she is appearance v reality
  • "You can't live forever, you can't live forever" - Her and tom are opposites with her being optimistic and him being a pessimist
  • "Daisy! Daisy! Daisy!" - jealousy and irritation of her
  • "Beauty and the beast" - resembles the characters relatioships within the novels
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GG - Chapter 3 Key Quotes

  • "One of the few guests who had actually been invited" -  Gatsby wanted nick in his life for a reason
  • "Somebody told me they thought he kiled a man once" - his life is based on lies and secrets
  • "Owl-eyed spectacles" - relates to the watchful eyes of Doctor T.J.Eckleberg
  • "If you want anything just ask for it, old sport" - appears to be generous ot people, at first instance he exceeds peoples expectation
  • "Whenever he sees I'm having a good time he wants to go home" - reflects the patricarchy in society at that time
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GG - Chapter 4 Key Quotes

  • "He's a bootlegger" - involved with selling alcohol illegally
  • "I wondered if there wasn't something a little sinister about him" - his intuition may be referring to his bootlegging
  • "The gnawings of his broken heart" - from being at war without Daisy
  • "A dead man passed...two carriages with drawn blinds" - refers to Gatsby's funeral which is hidden to other people
  • "Even Gatsby could happen" - As though Gatsby himself and his achievement are a mistake
  • "I don't like mysteries" - yet he is ironically friends with someone like Gatsby
  • "Gatsby's very careful about women. He would never so much as look at a friend's wife" - he doens't see Tom as a friend more as an enemy, hypocritical
  • "You sit here and discuss your sports and your young ladies and your-" - reflects what men at that time were like and what theyw ere really interested in
  • "Tell 'em Daisy's change' her mine" - wasn't fully in love with Tom
  • "She came out with an absolutely perfect reputation" - always has and always will
  • "What Gatsby?" - she is extremelly intrigued as to who he actually is
  • "Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay" - everything he has done has been for her to see it
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The Great Gatsby - Key Quotes

  • Gastby = Yellow
  • Daisy = Pink
  • Tom = Green
  • Myrtle = Red
  • Nick = Dark Blue
  • Society = Light Blue
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