The Great Gatsby Ch3 with quotes

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Chapter 3

What happens?

Nick gets an invitation to one of Gatsby’s parties

There is a lot of gossip about Gatsby

Nick runs in to owl eyes

Nick meets Gatsby

He returns to the present tense


There is a lot of dialogue-people are speaking of Gatsby: ‘Somebody told me--’ ‘He killed a man once’ ‘He was a German spy’

Explores consumption- the ‘ravages’ that need repairing and the oranges and lemons that are left in the back door in ‘a pyramid of pulpless halves’

‘Yellow cocktail music’ ‘yellow bug’ ‘yellow dresses’ symbolic of fake Gold, the attempt to have lavish lifestyles-American dream

There is a loss of individual identity through the language used- ‘room full of people’ ‘opera’-negative may be talking about the American dream and it is highly conventional for everyone to have these aims- leads to a loss of identity.

People have the ability to manipulate anything- ‘premature moon…out of a caterer’s basket’ shows the falseness of everything.

Gatsby- When he was introduced- he seemed to be…


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