The Formations of Attachment

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The Formations of Attachment

Schaffer (1993) – “An attachment is a close emotional relationship between two people, characterised by mutual affection and desire to maintain proximity.”

Characteristics of Attachments

·         Seeking proximity – want to be near each other

·         Separation anxiety – when the child displays distress. Distress shown when primary care giver isn’t there.

·         Pleasure when reunited.

·         It’s important to recognise that all attachments are reciprocal – both partners must be involved for the bond to be forged.

Shaffer & Emerson (1964)

Asocial Stage

Indiscriminate stage

Specific Attachment

0 – 6 weeks

6 weeks – 7 months

7 – 11 months

Smiling & crying, not directed at any special individual

Attention sought from different individuals

Strong attachment to one individual. Good attachments to others often follow

·         Longitudinal study – they followed 60 infants from mainly working class area of Glasgow, over a…


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