Career of Cardinal Wolsey.

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 - From very low humble born origins as he was the son of an ipswich butcher.

- University educated and entered a career in the church.

He was first noticed during Henry the sevenths reign. Archbishop Fox noticed Wolsey's administrative talents reccomending him to Henry the Seventh.

- served as a royal chaplain.

- Follows the policies of minsters that Henry the seventh adopted as a means to advance his career.

Wolsey was a PRAGMIST - someone who was flexible and can adapt to any situation.

Wolsey was not liked by MARGERAT BEAUFORT. Although he attended Henry the seventh's funeral, he was not invited to Henry the eighths coronation.

Henry the seventh had very little faith in Henry the eigths abilitys and training. Henry the eighth had led a life of luxury surrounded by Classicist and theological tutors. He grew up in a household full of women who worshipped and adored him. Prince Arthur had been given royal training at Ludlow castle but he had died.

Upon Henry the seventh's death, he had arranged for a transitional ruling counsel that was made up of his previous ministers to keep henry the eight in order!

Henry the eighth had a romantic vision of what a king should be. A "Renaissance Prince." Believed in the Glory of War.

-Wolsey jumps ship from the counsel as he sees that the only way to advance his career is to deliver the dreams of Henry the eighth.


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