The expansion of overseas trade (Cloth trade/shipping)


The expansion of overseas trade

The cloth trade

Wool/Cloth trade was most impt, accounting for 90% of all exports- Trade was changing long before H's reign from all the export of raw wool to the export of broadcloth- this development continued under H with the continued ascebdancy of the Merchant Adventurers, and the continued decline of the marchants of the staple.

H used Merchant Adventurers as a way of limitingthe trading rights enjoyed by FR in eng- particularly to undermine the pribileged Hanseatic League, also known as the Hansa.

1487, H banned the export of unfinised cloth by any foregin merchants and in 1489, he ended the Hansa's privilege tat they controlled the export of bullion from Eng- he modified this policy however, when he needed the Hansa's support to secure to secure his kingship as he could not afford to offend such a


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