The establishment of the Northern Korean State

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  • USSR were more prepared for how to run North Korea as it had the advantage of several thousand native Koreans who had either served with the Chinese Communists or the Soviet Red Army. 
  • Public celebrations for Kim were celebrated as early as October 1945. and were orchestrated by the Soviets.
  • February 1946 - an Interim People's Committee was set up under Kim's chairmanship which was tantamount to the establishment of the trainee North Korean establishment. Initially, co-operation was sought with various leftist elements, including a few Christians. 
  • Populist policies were introduced involving the re-distribution of land to the peasants. Many of the land-owning class co-operated with the Japense when they ruledand many of these and junior administrators under Japanese control fled the North and entered the US Zone. 800,000 crossed the 38th Parallel
  • Soviet-influenced Communists were interested into all the leading posititons in the North at the expense of those with Chinese links. Independent liberal leftists were sidelined or arrested, and a


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