Truman's Foreign Policy

Kennan's long telegram

George Kennan was a diplomat in Russia seen as an expert on the USSR.

He sent a telegram to he US secretary of state in 1945 the soviets were aggressive and strong so therefore should be contained or closely observed. 

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The Clifford-Elsey report

This was a report by two of Truman's advisors on US-Soviet relations in 1946.

The report explained how the soviets were focused on world domination.

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Greece and Turkey

Greece and Turkey were under Soviet threat due to the weak economic standing. Britain had been finanically supporting these countries for a while to prevent communist spread but became unable to provide aid to them in 1947. So the US had to take over the financial aid to continue containment of communism. 

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One of Truman's first decisions/actions when becoming president was to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. After this was done 350,000 US troops travelled to Japan under the commander of General Duglas McArthur to transform Japan into a Nationalist country.

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In 1945 the US sent 50,000 marines to China to support KMT (Nationalist party). The marines trained KMT soliders and equipped them efficiently. George Marshall was sent over to assist the Chinese Nationalist leader Jiang. However by the end of 1946 Jiang and Marshall's relationship had broken so US contributions to KMT reduced. 

This eventually resulted in Mao Zedong, the communist leader in China winning the elections and Jiang surrending causing the collapse of the Nationalist party in 1949.

Marshall was blamed for the 'loss of China'

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The Potsdam Conference 1945

Truman wanted to stand up to Stalin and establish status on the world stage.

What was agreed?

- Disarmament of Germany.

- Trials for Nazi leaders.

What wasn't discussed?

- The fact that the US owned Atomic weapons/bombs.

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The Korean War 1950

The Korean war began because the communist North invaded capitalist South. The UN and US made up the majority of troops defending the South from the North. 

Truman put McArthur in charge of US troops...

McArthur's success= US troops managed to cross the 38th parallel into the North so Truman told them to attempt to take over the North.

McArthur's failure= Truman told him not to cross the Yalu river into a Northern area, McArthur ignored this and crossed it anyway leading to 3000 US soldiers dying!

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