The Cold Heaven

  • Created by: Amy
  • Created on: 08-04-15 23:03

title implies that there is no good heaven 

- almost sinister

- poem is more modernist in both form and ideas. 

- completely irreugular rhythm - goes with unpredictability of the poem.

-rhyme is regular but goes unnoticed. 

"Suddenly I saw" 

- implies that the Cold Heaven is a sudden vision or dream - he is seeing it. 

- sense of immediacy - reader thrust right into the poem. 

"Cold and rook delighting heaven" 

cold and roodelighting heaven - gutterals - sounds sharp/ harsh/ dangerous.

- rook = black bird - bringers/ messengers of evil from the devil. 

- not what you would usually associate with heaven.

"That seemed as though ice burned and was but the more ice"

- impossible - juxtaposition of oxyoronic images - reinforces idea of a dream or a vision.

- fire is associated with hell so as heaven is opposite to heaven the ice is the opposite to fire. 

- long sentence - thoughts coming quickly/ jumbled - overwhelmed.

"And thereupon imagination and heart were driven so wild...."

- heart - feelings - is that what is being driven wild. 

- both romantic attributes 

- driven  - implies he's not in control - wild - seems desperate.

"So wild that every casual thoguh of this and that vanished"

- mind is taken over by heart/ feelings. 

- vanished is very sunny.

"And left but memories, that should be out of season long ago"

- memories - bad ones from a long time ago - should have moved on long ago.

-enjambement - confused - overcome with emotion.

"With the hot


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