When You Are Old

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  • When You Are Old
    • Context
      • Maybe Yeats had these feelings too, as the
    • Form
      • Takes the form of a monologue with rhyming couplets and the use of colloquial language.
    • Themes
      • Love
      • Longing
      • Death
      • Age
    • Meaning
      • Is a poem about a man who loves a woman, but she does not return his love. He is trying to make her regret her decision to not be with him, because he feels that he is the only one that truly loves her past her beauty.
      • He claims he will love her past her "changing face"
      • "Love" with a capital could be referring to the man that loves her
      • At the end, there seems to be images of heaven such as "glowing bars" and that the speaker says he will watch her, his face "amid a crowd of stars".
      • Warm images at the beginning of the poem: "nodding by the fire", contrasts with the cold images at the end: "paced upon the mountains"


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