St John Key Quotes- Jane Eyre

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  • St John
    • "No longer flesh but marble, his eye was cold"
      • Metaphor
    • "iron shroud"
    • calls Jane "docile and diligent"
      • "very gentle"
      • "we must be married"- John to Jane
        • "refuse to be my wife and you limit yourself forever to a track of selfish ease and barren obscurity"
      • "'"Oh! I will give my heart to God," I said. "You do not want it."'
      • ""God did not give me my life to throw away" - Jane
    • Ice Imagery/St John as cold
      • "I am cold; no fever infects me"
      • "His reserve was again frozen over"
      • "He continually made little chilling differences"
      • "iron shroud"
      • "could hardly comprehend his present frigidity"
      • "his eyes a cold bright blue gem"
    • Religion
      • "forgets, pitilessly, the feelings and claims of little people in pursuing his own large views."
      • ""Humility Jane," he said "is the ground work of Christian virtues""
      • ""it will bear the weight of your human weakness"
      • Religious Context
        • Evangelical Christians believed we are all born sinners
          • They believe that the only way to seek heaven was salvation
          • Had to work hard to be true Chrisians
          • Strict religion
      • "recognised a soul that revelled in the flame and excitement of sacrifice"
      • "discriminate the Christian from the man"
      • "he laid his hands on my head"
      • " a guardian angel watching the soul for which it is responsible"
      • "religion called- angels beckoned- God commanded"
      • "recalling his wondering sheep"
        • link to the religious Christian parable/ allusion to
    • "i scorn your idea of love"- Jane


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