The break with Rome part 2 (1)


How was the attack on the English Church carried out?

  • The uncertainties of the years 1529-32 gave way toa more definite policy whereby the legislative independence of the English Church was destroyed and the Royal Supremacy established
  • Threats gave way to real blows, and the man at the heart of this destructive process was Cromwell

.The Royal Supremacy

  • 1531, the Church was forced to acknowledge a relatively meaningless title and agree to a heavy fine in to so-called Submission of the Clergy
  • Henry was (on paper) the Supreme Head of the Church in England 'as far as the law of Christ allows'
  • In reality, there was still much ambiguity and confusion surrounding the King's position in relation to the Church

Supplication against the Ordinaries

  • 1532, Cromwell re-drafted a document known as the Supplication against the Ordinaries that asked the King on behalf of the Commoons to curb the legislative power of the Church
  • The Power of Church courts and the abuse of that legislative authority were called into quesiton
  • Essentially, the government was…


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