The 5 Pillars: Hajj

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HAJJ = pilgrimage to Mecca, must be made once in a lifetime

Kaaba = cube covered in black cloth decorated with Qur’anic verses in gold

  • In Mecca Muslims stand before the Ka’ba praising Allah together

  • Promotes the bonds of Islamic brotherhood and sisterhood as it shows that everyone is equal in the eyes of Allah

Hajj shows the importance of life on earth and the afterlife by ********* away all marks of social status (as everyone has to wear the same things), wealth and pride. Hajj shows that everyone person is truly equal.

Importance of Hajj:

  • shows equality

  • Muhammad went back to Mecca on pilgrimage before his death

The pilgrimage:

  1. enter a state of conservation (Ihram) a state of ritual purity. Washing of the body and affirming their niyyah to perform Hajj. Men wear two plain white, seamless garments, women wear plain coloured dress, hair is covered, no veil or perfume


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