5 Pillars Of Islam

All about the 5 Pillaz


5 Pillars of Islam

The 5 duties of each muslim to perform during their lives.

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Shahadah is a statement professing monotheism and accepting Muhammad as Allah's messenger.

"I profess that There is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is his Messenger."

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The requirement to pray 5 times a day.

  • Dawn
  • Noon
  • Mid afternoon
  • Sunset
  • Before bed
  • Face towards Meccah.
  • Focus on Allah.
  • Must be clean.
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Giving as 'charity' as a form of purification.

Giving to the:

  • Poor
  • Refuges
  • Hungry
  • Travellers
  • Suppressed
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Fasting during the month ofRamadan as an act of repentance or out of ritual. Days which are missed in Ramadan should be made up at a later date.

Those excluded from fasting:

  • Young
  • Old
  • Pregnant
  • Sick
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Pilgrimidge to Mecca. Every abled-bodied and financially abled Muslim is required once in their life to go to Mecca. Striving for self improvement.

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