The Weimar Republic- Problems 1919-1923

  • The Weimar Republic faced opposition from the outset in 1919, after the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. Economic hardship affected the whole nation and led to uprising and assassination.

    Key Problems

  • The Weimar Republic was created at a time of confusion and chaos after Germany had lost the First World War. Many people felt that Germany had received a very harsh deal in the Treaty of Versailles and they resented the government for signing it and agreeing to its conditions.
  • The Weimar Republic faced violent uprisings from various groups, not to mention the devastating economic problems.
  • Germany between 1918 and 1919 was in chaos. People were starving, the Kaiser had fled and people hated the government for signing the armistice in November 1918- they called them the November criminals. Bands of soldiers called the Freikorps refused to disband and formed private armies. It was not a good time for the Republic.


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