History Key issue 1

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  • Key Issue 1
    • Features of Weimar 1919
      • All male and females over 20 can vote.
      • Freedom of speech, assembly and movement were granted.
      • Freedom of religion was granted
    • Strengths and weaknesses of the Weimar Republic
      • Proportional Representation
        • Positive- Gave the chance for all parties to get seats
        • Negative- Usually meant the government was made up of coalitions this led to fallouts
      • Article 48
        • Positive- This meant that the country could still be governed in a crisis
        • Negative- Undemocratic
    • Germanys Problems 1919-1923
      • Economic
        • Reparations to rebuild city
        • Treaty of Versailles £6.6 million/Polish corridor/saar coalfields
        • French invaded Ruhr when Germany didn't pay
          • Passive resistance
          • Still had to pay workers- printed more money- hyperinflation- barter economy
    • Violence from left and right
      • Right
        • Many right winged groups hated the government for tsigning the treaty
        • The kapp Putsch in march 1920  a Free Corps brigade rebelled against the treaty, led by Dr Wolggang  it took over Berlin and tried to bring back thew Kaiser
        • Nationalists Terrorists groups murdered 356 politicians
      • Left
        • Red Rsing
          • The Ruhr workers went on strike- the communists among the workers stayed on strike after kapp and formed there own red army
          • The red rising was crushed by the free corps who had previously tried to overthrow the government
      • This clearly showed how weak the government were- it had to rely on a group of right wing extremists to keep them in power


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