The Road Man and Boy - English

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Mans Relationship with Son

Once his wife is gone, the man leaves their home with his child and becomes singular in his purpose. His hope to find a home in a warm climate where he can keep his son safe. The man admits to his son, 'If you died i would want to die too'. It is evident that the man has no hope for happiness for himslef except where his son is involved.

Susceptibel to the Selfish New World

The apocalyptic setting of this story illustrates how self centred and depraved people can become when they are deperate. Murder, torture and cannibalism run rampant. The man sets himself apart from others because he promises, "we wouldnt ever eat anybody... No matter what". However, in order to protect his child, he kills those who create a threat. Perhaps even worse he allows others to die by refusing to help them. The man will not share food as he doesnt have enough. He also…


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