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Using Standard English
How to write in a formal style


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Here is an informal phrase

This is a slang term for GOOD

Laura scored a wicked goal against them
losers down the road.
This should be THOSE
This is a harsh,
emotive adjective to This isn't a very precise description

Why is it informal?
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How can we re-write this
in Standard English?
· Laura scored a wicked goal against
them losers down the road.

· Laura scored a brilliant goal against
the local opposition.

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Why would we NEED to re-write it?
· Writing is all about PURPOSE and AUDIENCE
· Sometimes we need to use Standard English
when writing formally and when addressing
important people
· We should use it in school, in exams, at
work and when contacting official people
· We also…

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HOW do we re-write?
· keep it formal
· don't use slang
· ensure you use the correct verb tense
· think about your syntax

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Can you re-write these?
· When we done our Science
experiment the water went all

· The man in the book we read was
nasty, mean and trampy.

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Can you re-write these?
· Mr Jones is a safe teacher. He's a
real laugh.

· I didn't do nothing!

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Can you re-write these?
· I'm writing to tell you how nasty
you are if you test make-up on
poor bunnies.

· The poem's got some good stuff in
it like alliteration.

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Can you re-write these?
· I seen you thump him one on the

· Shakespeare's this bloke what
wrote some plays like "Macbeth."

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Can you re-write these?
· When I leave school I want to be a

· That Maths test was nasty and I
really bombed it.

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