The Heart Sutra

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The Heart Sutra:

The Heart Sutra is ONLY 24 lines long and involves a discussion between Avalokiteshvara and Sariputra. It is a MAHAYANA Sutra. The Literature is based on 'The Perfection of Wisdom' - transalated as 'Prajnaparitama'. This involves the idea that if 'Wisdom' is perfected, we have become nibbanic. In order for this to happen we must realise TWO MAIN THINGS (these are the main teachings in the Sutra):

1) Emptiness of Sunyata -  Sunyata is the idea that inherent beings are simply empty. There is no 'self' (concept of anatta) in a being. The Sutra states - "form is emptiness and the very emptiness is form". Due to the fact we have 'no self' we are a collection of things - perceptions, form, feelings, consciousness and impulses. Once we come to terms with this idea, we become nibannic... Due to the fact we are contingent beings, we do NOT HAVE TO EXIST


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