The Great Gatsby chapter 9 notes

  • meta narrative- Nick can't escape his past either

How does it make you feel as a reader?

  • It makes you feel sentimental and thoughtful. It also can make the reader feel pessemistic and hopeless- (last 4 paragraphs) emptiness?/ profunditiy/ philosophical tone

Does the close of the novel confirm it is a critical chronical of the Jazz age?

  • No, I think it is a critical chronical of society
  • sentance fragment/minor sentance- hopelesness- never reach a destination
  • elipsis "..."- echo of Gatsby and the green light- a hopelessness
  • ambiguous but sentimental?- difficult to believe- not in keeping with Nick's cynical nature
  • idea of new world- an attempt to restart or create a new- create ideal/utopian society?- prosperous escaping persecution
  • "fresh green breast of the new world"- natural metaphor/figurative language- mother nature metaphor- Myrtle's "breast hanging loose like a flap"- echo of Myrtle's death- can't have new world without death- death underpins
  • inclusive pronoun- colonial fantasy "brooding...wonder"
  • "orgastic"- fudged spelling? may not really be a word?- adjective unusual, connotes orgasmic pleasure
  • Idealisim- not achieved in the novel- hopeful for future, tragically limited by past
  • nihalistically optimistic/ ambiguious- hopeful and tragic (meaning isn't clear)
  • no revelation about…


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