The Development of the Cold War

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Truman's concerns:

·        Europe was devastated after the War and in many countries, people had no money, no jobs and were feeling hopeless.

·        Communism was attractive to these people as it made sure everyone had enough.

·        Many people in Eastern Europe had been liberated from Nazi rule and already had Communist governments.

·        Some governments (Greece and Turkey) were too poor to combat Communist revolutions in their own countries.

·        If these countries became Communist, other countries throughout Europe would do the same. This was known as the Domino Theory.


The Truman Doctrine:

·        In 1947 Truman began a US policy of containment.

·        This was because the USA believe that the Soviet Union was trying to spread communism.

·        Greece was also under threat of a Communist takeover and Britain could no longer support the Greek Government.

·        With the support of the doctrine Greece was able to defeat the revolutionaries who


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