The origins of the Cold War 1941-58 Part 1

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Early Tension between the Superpowers

The Cold War between the USA and the Soviet Union were due to:

  • Ideological Differences
  • Different aims
  • Different views of their leaders

What was the Cold War?

A hot war is a conflict in which actual fighting takes place. A cold war is war with all the attributes of a hot war whith the exception of actual fighting.

The Cold War started in 1945-46 and lasted for over 40 years. At first it only concerned Europe but the superpowers hunt for power, control and influence caused this war to first expand to Asia before it spread worldwide.

Features of the Cold War:

  • Causes and consequences
  • Two sides East vs West or the USA + supporters vs. the Soviet Union + supporters
  • Two rival armed camps- NATO vs. Warsaw Pact
  • Competition for influence and power worldwide, assisting rival sides in civil wars i.e. Korea (1950-53) and Vietnam (1960s)
  • However the two superpowers never actually engaged in fighting each


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