The Crusader States were secured between II00 and 1119 only because of Muslim Disunity



  • The Kingdom was geographically isolated. A number of muslim cities encircled the states. Had they chosen to act as a united front they would have certainly defeated the Franks. The Franks were instead able to make alliances with their muslim neighbours e.g. securing their position.
  • The Battle of Harran in 1204 proved that the muslims were a strong force. At Harran Baldwin II of Jerusalem was captured as he attempted to expand Frankish territory but was defeated by the Seljuks of Mosul and Mardin. - Outremer could not afford to lose its leaders as it faced a lack of manpower. - While they did no continue to pose such a threat the battle showed how much of a threat a united muslim force. Battle of the Field of Blood in 1119 Roger of Antioch and his army of approx 1000 knights and infantry were defeated by Il Ghazi of Mardin - it is said here the seeds of Jihad were sown. Perhaps suggesting it was not so much muslim disunity but a lack of religious fervour which protected the Crusader states in these early stages.


  • Following the 1st Crusade the majority of crusaders returned to Europe leaving 300 men to defend the new states in the…


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