The Cold War - The Berlin Wall & Tension Over Cuba

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2.4 BERLIN Wall - reasons for construction, Kennedy response

In August 1961, the USSR built a concrete wall to separate East and West Berlin. Whoever tried to cross were shot, but many were desperate to see separated family. Within the first year, 41 East Berliners were shot. Khrushchev saw the wall as victory as it had stopped the refugee crisis. In 1963, JFK made a speech in West Germany, questioning if communism is such an ideal system, why build a wall? JFK also used the opportunity to show the US’s commitment to West Berlin. This angered the communists, thinking he was causing trouble.

TENSIONS OVER CUBA - castro, bay of pigs, missile crisis, roles of Castro Khrushchev and Kennedy, fears of US, reaction to missiles in Cuba

In 1959, Fidel Castro comes to power in Cuba in a communist revolution.

After relations with Cuba deteriorated, the US planned to remove Castro. This was called The Bay of Pigs. Rather than


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