Berlin Cold war flashpoint

Why was Berlin a cold war flash point

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Divided City

  • Berlin was a divided city - half bizonia-France,Britain,USA and half USSR.
  • Angered USSR as Berlin was in East Germany-they wanted it to be communist.
  • USA wanted it is as a "beacon of democracy" surrounded by communist states.
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Berlin wall

  • Tension further increased in 1958 when Khrushchev issued an ultimatum over Berlin to force the west out.
  • Kennedy elected in 1961-Khrushchev saw him as in inexperienced leader
  • Experienced workers and trade specialists and teachers were leaving the east for the west.
  • In 1961 a fence was put up over the border later to be the Berlin wall
  • All connection,  and trasport links were cut of.
  • Major Flash point, as the to super powers were at risk of a nuclear war
  • Kennedy " better a wall than a war"
  • Fist physical sign of the cold war
  • Remained a symbol of the cold war
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