Territorial Adjustments of the Vienna Settlement

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Territorial Adjustments of the Vienna Settlement

Major territorial changes were unavoidable. Major points of friction were the settlement of the Polish question, the conflicting claims of Sweden, Denmark, and Russia, and the adjustment of the borders of the German states. Russia and Prussia were generally opposed by Austria, France, and Britain, which at one point (Jan., 1815) went so far as to conclude a defensive triple alliance.

German Confederation

•In place of the defunct Holy Roman Empire, the German Confederation was created. The Confederation's constitution was accepted on June 8, 1815, and was incorporated into the Final Act of the congress, signed on June 9, nine days before Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. Creation of 39 Germanic States under the German Confederation, controlled by Austria. It was created to have a balance of power, by creating a buffer between France and Russia.  


•The restoration of Louis XVIII in France

•The restoration of Ferdinand VII in Spain

Italian Areas

•Italy was dealt with as a geographic rather than a political entity, and its hopes for unity were dashed. 

•Naples and Sicily were reunited under Bourbon rule

•The Papal States were restored

•The duchies of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla were awarded to French Empress Marie…


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