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  • Territorial Adjustments of the Vienna Settlement
    • The German Confederation
      • In place of the defunct Holy Roman Empire, the German Confederation was created. 
      • The Confederation's constitution was accepted on June 8, 1815, and was incorporated into the Final Act of the congress, signed on June 9, nine days before Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo. 
      • Creation of 39 Germanic States under the German Confederation, controlled by Austria
      •  It was created to have a balance of power, by creating a buffer between France and Russia.  
    • Restorations :
      • The restortion of LouisXVIII in France
      • The restoration of Ferdinand VII in Spain
    • Italian Areas :
      • Italy was dealt with as a geographic rather than a political entity, and its hopes for unity were dashed. 
      • Naples and Sicily were reunited under Bourbon rule
      • The Papal States were restored
      • The duchies of Parma, Piacenza, and Guastalla were awarded to French Empress Marie Louise for her lifetime
      • Tuscany and Modena were restored to the house of Hapsburg-Lorraine
      • The Lombardo-Venetian kingdom was set up under Austrian rule to compensate Austria for its loss of the Austrian Netherland
      • The formerly Venetian part of Dalmatia also went to Austria. 
      • The kingdom of Sardinia was restored and recovered Savoy, Nice, and Piedmont, and it received Liguria with Genoa.
    • Poland :
      • Poland was re-divided among Russia, Prussia, and Austria, with Russia benefiting primarily
      • Part of Poland, with Warsaw, was set up as a kingdom in personal union with Russia
      • Kraków and its surrounding territory were made a republic under the protection of Russia, Austria, and Prussia
      • Prussia was awarded 3/5 Saxony as well as important parts of Westphalia and Rhine Province, since Austria received Italian territories to compensate for Russian gains
    • Miscellaneous :
      • The former Austrian Netherlands was united with the former United Provinces as the kingdom of the Netherlands, under the house of Orange. 
      • Russia retained the formerly Swedish Finland. 
      • The congress confirmed the transfer of Norway from the Danish to the Swedish crown
      • W Pomerania, the claim to which Sweden had ceded to Denmark in the Treaty of Kiel (1814), was given to Prussia, which compensated Denmark with the duchy of Lauenburg. 
      • Bavaria received its approximate present-day boundaries, as did Württemberg and Baden. 
      • Switzerland was enlarged, and Swiss neutrality was guaranteed.
      • Prussia had control over natural resources and a large labour force. 
      • France's borders were withdrawn. 
      • The Netherlands (Dutch), Holand and Belguim, and Piedmont Sardina was created as a buffer to stop France. Cordon Sanitaire. 
      • Russia advanced her western frontier several hundred miles.


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