Systems of Knowledge Module 2

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Lesson 1 

 Value are an integral part of every culture 

Types of values includes Ethical : ( Choose between good or bad ) 

Religious , political , values , social value & aesthetic values 

-Communities share a common core set of values 

This creates expectations & predictability 

- In art comon core values  in  constant & reassuring characterisics 

 In the artwork  we call this a style 

Values - Behaviour 

Values tell people what is good , beneficial , important , useful , beautiful , describable , constructive 

Over time  they  become the roots of traditions that groups of people find important in their today lives 

Lesson 2 

What is culture
Sign - object which signifies other object 
Hunter gatherer - a member of a society subsisting in the wild on food obtained by hunting and collecting
Culture is a treasure of signs  which he has the faculty to multiplying to infinity "Anne Robert Jacques turgot '
Humans stopped being a hunter gatherer and established himself in one territory

This did not only give rise to the cultivation of land but other areas too social political religious & economic

Hunter gathers societies 
Small in number , mobile (jiccaqalqu) 
Temporal settlements 
Non hierarchal social and political structures 

- large populations 
- permanent settlement 
- strict social &  political hierarchy 
- sophisticated economy 

Lesson 3

What is Aesthetics 

Aesthetics deals with the nature of art , beauty and taste with the creations and appreciation of beauty

Or the study of sensory or sensori - emotional values sometimes called jedgements of sentiment and taste 

Value Systems

Value stylstems and beliefs are the result of the need by human beings to create a choerent sense of their place in the world 

Value = Aesthetic stylesValues and beliefs prodce norms which in turn , guide & influence behaviour 

 Ancient greeks believed that their god had perfect

" beauty is in the eye of the beholder " 

The saying first appeared in the 3rd Centuary BC in greece 

 Agreeing on what is beautiful 

 Beaut is subject to personal opinion 

Art i mostly a personal experience arrived at on the besis personal judgement ( taste) 

Taste is affected by…


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