Supply and Demand

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Supply is used to meet the needs, wants and desires of individuals who demand leisure. These individuals demand the leisure becuase they believe it will meet thei needs, wants and desires.

Supply may not always be able to meet demand where there are certain restrictions.

Factors that affect leisure supply:

- Barriers to participation.

- Fashion and trends.

- Accesibility.

- Resources available.

- Economic factors.

- Competition.

- Political factors inc. public sector provision.

- Leisure habits of population.

When asked about how leisure managers understand provision, think of the whole journey a person makes to gaining their leisure, and how political, environmental, economical and social/psychological factors affect their journey.

Different areas of leisure:

- Sport.

- Tourism.

- Shopping.

- Events.

- Gambling.

- Hospitality.

- Media.

The main aim of a supplier is to make sure the consumer is satisfied and has had fun.

We assess leisure experiences by considering:

- The form of lesiure.

- The immediate evaluation.

- The reflection.

Factors affecting the individuals experience:

- Demand factors.

- Supply factors.

- Environmental factors.

- External factors.

- Personal factors.

- Site specific factors.

Second model on individuals experience.

- Anticipation.

- Travel to the site.

- On site experience.

- Travel back.

- Recollection…


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