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Claudia Biriwaah-Yeboah

Analyse the causes of recent and current unrest in the `Arab World' and debate the consequences for
international businesses.

Recent and current unrest in the Arab world commonly known as the Arab spring , refers to a number of
uprisings and demonstrations in the Middle East an North…

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Claudia Biriwaah-Yeboah

In the past the oil market has been affected in times of political disturbance. As seen in the Yom Kippur
war of 1973 where Arab oil producing nations imposed an embargo on countries in support of Israel. It
came as no shock when the oil markets spiraled in…

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Claudia Biriwaah-Yeboah

tourist attractions to loose large numbers of visitors. Petty traders operating near the attractions have
also been affected as the lack of visitors in turn means that they are unable to sell their goods to tourists.
However the loss of tourism throughout the Middle East has benefited many…

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Claudia Biriwaah-Yeboah


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