Subculture Theory

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Inital work on subcultural theory came from ALBERT COHEN who built on the theory of strain presented by MERTON. Subcultures emerge as a result of dealing with problems of structure and culture in society.

A, COHEN -  he saw gangs as a solution to strains faced by young people, mostly resulting due to failures within the educational system. It can be argued that his theory has six key features 1) there is no economic rationality 2) activity is charaticsed by malice 3) the rejection of dominant values 4) behaviour emphasises instant gratification 5) behaviour is varied and 6) your primary allegiance is to the gang rather than others. The gang is often seen as a aternative way of those in low class positions trying to get status through different methods then those in higher classes. The gang will invert traditional values and make them into a new world by which individuals can achieve status. Those in lower classes are denied status because of they cannot meet the same standards of those in higher classes. This lack of status can cause status frustration for those in the lower classes. As a result individuals…


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