Subculture Theory

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  • Subculture Theory
    • Basics
      • Initial work from ALBERT COHEN
      • Gangs form as a solution to strains that young people face
    • A, COHEN
      • six key features of gangs
        • emphasises instant gratification
        • rejection of dominant values
        • behaviour is varied
        • activity is charaticsed by malice
        • primary allegiance is to the gang
        • no economic rationality
      • Status frustration occurs when those in lower classes know they cannot get the same status as higher classes
    • MILLER
      • six concerns
        • Smartness
        • Autonomy
        • Excitement
        • Fate
        • Trouble
        • Toughness
      • Subculture is a result of conforming to working class culture
    • Evaluation
      • Middle class values may not be accepted by lower class individuals


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