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Revise the backgroud first for a better understanding

Aim: To investigate effects of hemisphere deconnection and to show that each hemisphere has its own unique functions.

Method + design: Quasi experiment comparing split brain patients with "normal subjects" in lab style tests snd compared case studies of all individual patients.

Sample: 11 split brain patients who have all had their corpus callosum severed and all had a history of severe epilepsy that didn't respond to drug treatment. (2 had surgery a long time before study and 9 only recently)

Procedure: Visual information was presented by projecting images on a screen in front of the subject . Tactile information was presented to either the left or right hand or both without the patients being able to see what the object was. Subjects had to be quiet unless asked questions by the experimenter to prevent information being passed fro the left to the right side of the brain.

One visual field: Subject covered one eye and were told to look at the central fixation point in centre of screen. Image was projected for 1/10 of a second on either the left or right of the point.

Both visual fields: Subject looked at fixation point while 2 images were flashed simultaneously either sid of the fixation point.

Subjects asked to draw what they had seen and then be given a pen to left hand and were asked to draw what they had seen with their eyes closed .

Tactile investigation: One hand…


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