Sociology AS Hybrid Identities

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Sociology AS

Hybrid Identities

The contemporary UK is said to be a multicultural society. This means there are a range of ethnicities living within it, each with their own cultural norms and values. Sometimes, these cultural norms and values overlap and the different ethnicities have an influence on one another. The term Hybridity is used to describe a mixture of two cultures, this can occur between individuals or whole cultural practices. An example of this is in the range of foods we have. Tikka Masala is said to be Britain's most popular dish, however nobody really understands where its origins lie. A likely theory is that Bangladeshi chefs invented the curry to be more appealing to English customers - the English culture influenced the Bangladeshi foods, and the Bangladeshi foods influenced the English attitudes towards food.

Hybrid identities may occur when the culture of one group mixes with another. Young British Asians…


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