Society and Health - Key Issues for Society Part 1

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Three definitions for poverty:

  • Poverty- is the state of being poor and lacking money to provide basic necessities.
  • Absolute poverty- not possible to live a healthy life
  • Relative poverty- having resources below the average individual
  • Poverty trap- idea that once a person is in poverty they stay there.

Causes of Poverty:

  • cycle of deprivation- if your born into a poor family you wont get out of it, and just keep reproducing into poor families
  • being dependent upon the state- depend on the government for money, wont or cant work.
  • lack of employment- if people cant get jobs for a long period of time, they slowly get themselves into poverty.
  • lack of education- not having the skills jobs look for, so you cant get a well paid job.
  • caring for others- caring for the sick or disabled reduces the time to work, but mostly there is nobody to look after the children so they cant work.
  • being homeless- unable to work due to not having a permanent address.
  • being elderly, sick or disabled-  not able to work or only able to do a couple pf hours a day, so they mostly depend on the state for money.
  • the poverty trap- some people are just born into deprivation, and find it nearly impossible to get out.

Effects of Poverty:

  • deprivation- going without the basics in life e.g. adequate heating in the home.
  • lack of leisure pursuits and activities- more difficult for children as they may have to miss out on school trips.
  • stigma and lack of status- more difficult for children again as they will


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