Should proportional representation be introduced for elections to the House of Commons?

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The House of Commons is currently elected using FPTP, both political parties wish to retain this pluraluity system, however the Liberal Democrats wish to switch to a more proportioanl system of voting, such as AV+ or STV. Their argument for the move, as laid out in their 2010 referendum campaign included many of the following points:


  • The House of Commons (and so the governing party) will be made more representative of how the country voted
  • A more proportional system would eradicate many of the problems associated with FPTP, such as safe and marginal seats, tactical voting, unrepresentative governments etc
  • If people feel that their vote really counts in the overall election, they'll be much more likely to vote
  • Smaller parties, which are "squeezed" under the current system, will


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