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Elections past paper questions

January 2009

(a) Outline the workings of the Additional Member system (5)

Paragraph 1: The Additional Member system (AMS) is a hybrid system
in which is a combination of the firstpastthepost system with the
regional list system. This means that the voter has two votes: one…

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Commons be more reflective on how the country votes. This
means that everyone's vote will count and there will be no such
thing as "wasted votes" and will resolve the issues of tactical
voting and safe seats.
Analysis: However, this will result in having coalitions all the time as

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Analysis: However, the electoral system is not proportional, giving a
huge disadvantage to smaller parties such as the Green Party and
Liberal Democrats.
Paragraph 2: Another system used in the UK is the closed party list
system for electing the European parliament. This is carry out by
the UK being…

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Paragraph 3: One of the major advantages of FPTP is that unlike the
proportional representation systems, it produces a strong and
stable government. This means that it is relatively easy for
government to pass its manifesto through HOC.
Analysis: In 2010: The UK experience a Coalition between the
Liberal Dems…


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