Settlement - Land use in Rural areas

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Land use in Rural areas

Development of brownfield and greenfield sites:

  • GREENFIELD SITE: Area on the edge of the city which has never been developed on in an way eg- natural fields
  • BROWNFIELD SITE: Area within a city which is no longer used and has been previously developed on eg- industrial areas

Redevelopment is when buildings in cities are no longer of use thereofre they are demolished and replaced.

Renewal is when old buildings are renovate and brought up to date.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenfield and Brownfield sites:

Greenfield site:

Advantages - 

  • Often on the edge of towns and cities and may have better access, less congestion, are in a more pleasant environment and have room for expansion.
  • Easier to build on as there is a fresh start, and remains of previous land use do not need to be cleared therefore more attractive to retail parks.


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