Secularisation In Britain Evidence

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Secularisation In Britain



·       1851 Census of Religious Worship – Crockett estimates that 40% of the adult population attended church on Sundays.

·       Major changes there have been in religion in the UK:

Ø  Decline in the proportion of the population attending church.

Ø  Increase in the average age of churchgoers.

Ø  Fewer baptisms and church weddings.

Ø  Decline in the number of people holding traditional Christian beliefs.

Ø  Greater religious diversity – more non-Christian religions.

·       1966: Wilson – Western societies had been undergoing a long-term process of secularisation.

Ø  E.g. Church attendance has fallen to 10-15% of the population by the 1960’s.


Church attendance today:

·       2005 – 6.3% of the adult population attended church on Sundays.


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