Explanations of Secularisation

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  • Explanations of Secularisation
    • Berger: Religious Diversity
      • Another cause of secularisation is diversity. Religious diversity creates different perceptions of the truth. Religion becomes relative rather than absolute, creating the opportunity to opt out of religion altogether.
    • Bruce: Cultural Defence and Transition
      • Cultural Defence: religion provides a focal point for the defence against an external force. Cultural Transition: religion provides support and a sense of community for ethnic minorities such as migrants.
      • Criticisms:
    • Heelas and Woodhead: A Spiritual Revolution
      • 1. New Age spirituality has grown because of a subjective turn.                2. Resulting in a decline in traditional religion. 3.Evangelical Churches are more popular than traditional churches because it emphasises the importance of spiritual healing.
      • In the spiritual marketplace, personal experience is the only genuine source of meaning and fulfilment.  Heelas and Woodhead argue that secularisation is occurring in Britain because the subjective turn has undermined the basis of  religion.
  • Berger changed his views and argues that diversity and choice stimulate interest in religion. Beckford agrees that religious diversity will lead some to question or abandon their religious beliefs. Although opposing views can have the effect of strengthening religious beliefs.
    • Criticisms:


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