SCLY3- Contemporary examples

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Contemprary examples and where they can be used

  • Female Bishops- Rev. Libby Lane, 1st female bishop on Church of England, concecrated in Jan 2015- Use with feminism i.e. 'stained glass ceiling' (to contrast Salavation Army has had gender equality in hierachy of power for over 150 years)
  • Schism- Religion can be seen as schismatic- Use in fundamnetalism, globalisation, conflict, religion is always schismatic, challenge of defining religion (Aldridge)
  • Christocentrism- differences in dating systems, issues are dealth with in some societies using christian values at the very basis- Use with secularisation, postmodernism 
  • Census- 2001-72% of people considered themselves Christian, 2011- 59% of people considered themselves Christian- Use with secularisation, social variables 
  • Archbishop of Canterbury- Justin Welby, charismatic leadership, humanity- Use with changing perceptions of religion, secularisation
  • Pope Francis I- 1st Pope from South America