Science and Creation

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Science suggest creation began by a chance, a big bang. 

Up until the 16th century, a belief in a ptormei system of astronomy had gone unchallenged. 

It was capernicus who suggested heliocentricity, and this was confirmed in 18th century with gallileos telescope. 

The reason scientists may believe that everything began at a single point, a big band is because Hubble recognised that the galaxies were constantly moving further and further apart. 

So, through logical thinking, scientists reversed this and said there must of been a time when existence was one compressed unit, a single atom that burst and seperated. 

Everything which exists today is an extension of that single atom. 

We are part of a biological sequence which has been through a stage of evolution. 

Hick said " we are all branches of the same true of life"

Science claims that evolution is progressive and occurs whenever there is dramatic change in the environment. 

Evolution is believed to kick in when there is long periods of time when the environment is a hazardous place, and change is necessary for survival. This relates to the idea of natural selection. 

Science, like religion, sees humans as the peak of creation or in the words of science, humas are the peak of evolution. 

scientists refer to how…


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