Science revision (B1, C1, P1)

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Biology revision

The 5 senses. Touch, taste, smell, sound and smell.


  • The skin is sensitive to pressure and temperatures.


  • The tongue responds to the chemicals in food.


  • The nose senses chemicals in the air.


  • They pick up sound waves and chemicals in the air also.


  • The eye is sensitive to light and it is responsible for your sight.

Learn the eye with all its different parts:

  • Cornea = It bends the light
  • Iris = It controls how much light enters the pupil.
  • Lenses focuses = Focuses light onto the retina
  • The retina is light-sensitive. The retina is covered in rods and cones which allow the light to be detected.
  • Rods are more sensitive to dull colours like black and brown.
  • Cones are more sensitive to natural colours like yellow, green and red.
  • If someone is colour blind it may be because of the lack of cone cells.
  • Optic nerve = Carriers impulses from the receptors to the brain.

Focusing on near and distant objects:

  • Eyes focus on the light by changing…


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