science revision


Science Revision: Infection and Response

1. Describe what a pathogen is.

2. Explain how bacterian infects the body.

3. Explain viruses infect the body.

4. Name the physical defenses the body uses to prevent entry.

5. Describe the different ways pathogens can be transmitted.

6. Explain the process of phagocytosis.

7. Explain how the specific immune system helps to fight infection

8. State the uses of monoclonal antibodies

9. Explain how vaccines work

10. Name the steps involved in drug development and clinical trails


1. A pathogen is a microbe (micro-organism) which causes disease. They can be fungi,viruses,bacteria or protist

2. Once the bacteria is inside the body it releases poisins or toxins. Toxins are carried around the blood straem so you feel un-well all over.

3. Once the virus is


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