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Biology revision

  • Osmosis is a type of diffusion
  • Osmosis is the net movement of water molecules across a partialy permeable membrane from a region of a higher water concentration to a region of low water concentration.
  • A partially permeable membrane is very very small. Only very small molecules can pass through it, like water for example. This prevents big molecules from passing through them.
  • The water molecules can pass through both ways during osmosis, this is because they're very small and their collisions are at random.
  • There will be a steady flow of molecules on both sides because the net movement is balanced so molecules transfer fairly between the high and low concentrations.
  • This means that the concentrated solution will become more dilute. This is because the water is trying to even up the concentration on either side of the membrane.

Turgor pressure supports plants tissues:

  • When a plant is watered, its cells will draw in water through osmosis. This will…


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