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Chemistry revision

  • What is an atom made up of?


  • The nucleus is in the middle of the atom.
  • Necleus' contain both protons and neutrons.
  • The protons in the nucleus give it a positive charge.
  • The vast majority of the mass in an atom is concentrated in the nucleus.


  • Electrons move around the nucleus in electron shells.
  • Electrons are negatively charged.
  • They cover a lot of space however they are very very small.
  • The volume of their orbits determines the size of the atom.
  • Atoms have a radius of around 10(-10) m.
  • Electrons have very little mass.

Protons, neutrons and electrons:

  • Protons are heavy and positively charged.
  • Neutrons are heavy and neutral.
  • Electrons are tiny…


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