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  • 'the arising of suffering'
  • Suffering arises from craving or thirst (tanha)
  • Craving fuels desire.  In the Fire Sermon, Buddha spoke of all human experience as being 'ablaze with desire'
  • It is linked to the addictive pleasures of samsara, driven by the 'three fires of greed, hatred and delusion'
  • The three main things produced by tanhda are:
    • Sensual pleasures (craving for gratification of the senses)
    • Thirst for existence (deep instinctive will to be)
    • Thirst for non-existence (desire not to possess but to destroy)
  • Parable of the poisoened arrow- some forms of suffering we do not fully understand. We have to accept and try to overcome them
  • Paticca Samupadda- dependent origination shows that everything is linked together
  • Non-acceptance of anicca and anatta leads to dukkha as shown by the story of Kisagotami…


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