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  • The arising of suffering- craving or thirst (tanha)
  • Craving fuels desire (Fire Sermon- 'humans are ablaze with desire')
  • Addictive pleasures of samsara- 3 mental poisons
  • Paticca Samupadda shows everything is linked
  • Non- acceptance of anicca and anatta leads to dukkha (story of Kisagotami)
  • Mind processes are just as important (karma phala)
  • The consequences of samudaya are being trapped in samsara and being unable to become enlightened
  • The escape link of samsara is between craving and suffering.  To break it, you need to understand that craving causes suffering.
  • Buddha is the supreme example as he achieved enlightenment and identified the root of dukkha
  • Vinaya- thirst produces re-becoming and re-existence
  • Middle way- living life without extremities helps overcome craving
  • Buddha told Rattapula 'the ensalved to thirst'
  • Tanha is the root of suffering because it cannot be satisfied
  • Craving shows itself most clearly as 'grasping' or 'attachment'
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  • Craving for sensual pleasures
    • Sensual desire rather than knowledge, understanding the nature and purpose of life
    • Leads to endless pleasure seeking and suffering is never satisfied
  • Craving for existence
    • Wish to experience happiness and fulfilment in this life, assumes mortality and eternal life
    • Craving for rebirth as attachemt to human existence and wish to continue forever
  • Craving for non-existence
    • Resulting in behaviour rooted in aversion and hatred
    • Denial of value of human existence, desire to destory life, nihilist
  • Craving causes suffering as it is rooted in ignorance, it will never be satisified
  • Traps humans in samsara- prevents freedom and nibbana
  • Dependent Origination- need to break the 8th link (between craving and suffering)
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