The Second Noble Truth

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Samudaya explains that suffering arises through craving, known as TANHA.

  • Craving fuels suffering, much like wood fuels a fire.
  • In the Fire Sermon Buddha spoke of all human experience being 'ablaze' with desire. Buddha used this metaphor because much like fire, desire consumes on what it feeds on without being satisfied, it spreads rapidly, becomes attached to new objects and burns with the pain of insatiable longing.
  • It is this thirst which prevents a person from attaining enlightenment.
  • This is linked to the addictive pleasures of samsara which are driven by the 'Three Fires of Greed, Hatred and Delusion'.
  • These are the driving force within a human being which give rise to dukkha, they are symbolised by a ****, a pig and a snake and are found in the centre of the wheel of life, often with one anothers tail in their mouths. This…


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