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Specimen paper ENGA3  Language Explorations Question 2


 Throughout the conversation the language used is of a rather polite, informal nature using mostly strong verbs. When John (the doctor) speaks he expresses himself in a very professional manner and tries to extract the information from Anne (the patient) about her illness in a way that sometimes makes her react defensively against the doctor's assumptions (lines 10, 20, 25, 27). The doctor expresses himself in an authoritative way trying to dominate the conversation by proffering assumptions about the cause of Anne's illness (lines 19, 24,26). He also seems not to trust completely Anne's answers (line 21) while in  line 28 Anne is using the modal wouldn't expressing uncertainty and in line 32, might expresses the possibility that another X-ray may be needed. On the other hand, John is giving Anne some confidence by  telling her he doesn't feel that the case is serious (lines 8,9) while expressing his concerns about the X-ray (line 11). Anne agrees to the doctor's suggestion of another X-ray (line 34) , is happy to make an appointment with the specialist (line 39) and thanks him politely when he confirms that her general health is alright (line 35) as well as at the end of the conversation (line 42).

 According to the data in Table 1 (and research by Eakins and Eakins) men are  likely to talk


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Did this get graded? If so what grade did it get?

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It got a B.

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