Russia and the Soviet Union Mock Exam - Key Areas



- He was the leader of the Bolshevik Party

- He was in exile when the February Revolution took place

- He began a second 'workers' revolution upon his return

- He knew how to gain the support of the workers, peasants and soldiers

- He used the slogan 'Bread, Peace, Land' to appeal to the ordinary people and greater the freedom promise

- Once he was in charge, he wanted to crush an opposition directed towards his party

The Provisional Government

Background Information

- The leading members of the Duma had ignored the Tsar's order to stop meeting and set up a Duma Committee to work for Political Change

- The Duma Committee held its meetings in the Tauride Palace in Petrograd

- On March 2nd, following the abdication of the Tsar, the committee established the Provisional Government

The First Acts of The Provisional Government

- The release of…


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